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a new beginning πŸͺ

uhhhh, hi friends 😬 it’s been a while. to refresh your memory i’m lauren and i used to have a blog called wonderless reviews. i stopped blogging a year or so ago because life got in the way. long story short: (fave folklore song btw – sory i had to) i’m back? again.

now that i have a bit more free time on my hands (i’ve finished studying) i decided to start blogging again? it’s something i’ve missed ever since i had to put it on hold.

there is going to be some slight differences though… this isn’t strictly going to be a book blog. i kind of started to branch out on wonderless reviews so i’ll be expanding on that even more here. there’ll still be book-ish content, but there’ll also be lots on music and design. i’m especially hoping to be inspired enough to bring lots of design content here. i really want to try and make a career from design and content creation. eventually, when i’ve got things a bit more put together, i’m hoping to offer different design services here. plus, i just really miss the community πŸ’– interreacting with you all was honestly my fave part of blogging.

i migrated all my old followers over, but of course feel free to unfollow if you’d prefer not to be getting content that isn’t 100% book related (or for any reason). i completely understand! however, if you decide to stick around or are new — thank you so much for following me on this new journey. things are probably going to be very casual to start with. i’m sure if you remember what i was like back in the day you’ll know i’m not one for regular, scheduled content πŸ˜‚ but i will try my best!

this is also my first time attempting to run a blog self-hosted. hopefully there’s not too many issues, but bear with me if there is! i really hope this is showing up on the reader and everything. or that the posts are showing up in your inboxes! if anyone has any tips on being self-hosted please let me know!! i would love to hear your own experiences in switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org!!

thank you again for your continued (or new) support πŸ’ž it means the world to me!

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designer. blogger. content creator. social media enthusiast. i spend too much time drinking coffee and being overly invested in sports.


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